Join the HKUST MBAAA Dragons Open Day + BBQ

Due to unstable weather condition predicted on Sep 3,  we have to postpone the MBAAA Dragons Open Day to Sep 24 . We will be holding the Open Day in Sai Kung at Sha Ha Beach kicking off at 10:15am on Sunday, Sep 24; we hope that everyone is still able to join us for a great day out on the water, learning about Dragon Boat and our team. See below details of the event, what to expect, things to bring, and important safety items. Also, we will be having a BBQ lunch next to the training site at BBQ King (HK$200 per person) at 1:30pm that we hope you and any friends/family/classmates/colleagues will be able to join.

RSVP Here - Please sign up by Sept 18

Please let us know ASAP if you can no longer attend the Open Day or BBQ via email at, as it will be very helpful for our planning the training to have accurate numbers. 
Feel free to send us a email at ( with any questions; our main points of contact on the day will be team managers Eddy Kuk (+852 9248 9289) and Ivan Fung (+852 9401 1761), feel free to call/Whatsapp Message if you have any questions or issues on the day. 
We are all looking forward to seeing you Sunday morning and thanks again for your interest in the sport and the team!
Ivan on behalf of the MBAAA Dragons team managers
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Open Day Agenda
10:15am - Rally time for all paddlers; please be there on time as we need to go over important safety announcements
10:30am-11:00am - Team introduction; introduction to paddling form; warm-up 
11:00am - 1:00pm - Training on the boat; drills for form, timing, and potential some practice races; we will have a few switches of crews during the training, but promise everyone will get ample time on the boat. Our 2017 crew will also be training concurrently in preparation for our Sept 10th Sai Kung Summer Vigor Race. 
1:30pm - BBQ Lunch at BBQ King (next to the training area; HK$200 per person)
We will be holding the training at Sha Ha Beach (see attached map). Public Transport - easiest way to get there is to take a bus to Sai Kung Pier Bus terminus, then at the Sai Kung Public Pier make a left (North) passing the Sai Kung Tennis Courts and Sai Kung Central Lee Siu Yam Memorial School. Continue walking around 5-7 minutes to arrive at Sha Ha Beach (you will also see BBQ King right next to the beach). If taking a cab - You can go to Sha Ha Road directly. See attached map for details.
Essential gear
  • Dress for full body movement, keep warm, and expect to be wet.  If it’s cool, bring a windbreaker.
  • Bring goggles / sunglasses for sunshine, but also to protect your eyes from seawater.
  • Sun protection if necessary.
  • Bring at least 1-2L of water.
  • Gloves to protect your hands.
  • Footwear MUST be worn to protect your feet.  NOTE: Must be Heel Toe Covering Shoes; CROCS, Flip Flops are NOT Acceptable
  • Bring clothes / towel / toiletries for shower after; there are shower facilities at the Sai Kung Sport Ground that can be utilzied post training or BBQ
Rest well the night before.
Eat breakfast an hour before training time.  Do not come with a full stomach.
We have reserved space at BBQ King which will be a cost of HK$200 per person; hope all paddlers and even those not paddling can join. See below for location details
BBQ King 
Shop 9, Sha Ha Village, Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung
  • Dragon boat is a water sports, so there’s always an element of danger involved.  All paddlers, but especially those new to dragon boat, please read below carefully:
  • The Boat Captain and steersman have supreme authority of the boat at ALL times for safety reasons.  Pay attention to them at all times, but especially under adverse situations, eg. High waves, high winds, bad weather, in event of collision or capsizing.
  • We have senior members on the boat, and they will spread throughout the boat to keep close eyes on all participants.  Alert one of them immediately if anything happens, eg. you feel sick or got injured, you noticed abnormal boat or sea conditions etc.
  • Times when Open Day will DEFINITELY be cancelled: Should the Hong Kong Observatory issue typhoon no. 3 or higher, red rain, black rain or thunderstorm warning before 7:00am, the practice session will be cancelled. All other times, the senior team will consult and make decisions in case of bad weather conditions.  Heavy rain is usually NOT a safety concern (we’ve paddled in yellow and red rain before and it’s fun).  But anything that generates high waves is a problem.  We will communicate any cancelling of the Open Day via email.
  • NEVER do anything that may put stability of boat or safety of anyone at risk – and this applies to activities on land as well.  Please use common sense.
  • Please let us know if you can not swim; we will make sure you are provided a flotation device. Note that when we train at HKUST Water Sport Center, all paddlers must pass a swimming test (unassisted swimming 100m, any stroke, not timed)
  • Anyone under influence of alcohol or drugs will be banned from the boat.

Date 24 Sep 2017
Time 10:15am - 3:00pm
Venue BBQ King, Shop 9, Sha Ha Village, Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung Map
Event Host HKUST MBA Alumni Association
Registration Deadline 18 Sep 2017