Alumni Anchors

Alumni Anchors

The Alumni Development Team is always striving for wider connections with alumni in order to better know your needs and those of your classmates. We have recently engaged a number of alumni to serve as Class Anchors and City Anchors to help us work on the many exciting plans ahead for alumni development, both locally and globally. You will be hearing more updates about the school through your anchors and please support them by sharing your views and news with them too.

Support your Class Anchors by:

  • Sharing your latest happenings - a recent gathering, newly-weds or new-borns;
  • Participating at alumni events as a class;
  • Keeping your latest contact and job details up-to-date;
  • Giving feedback on the kinds of activities you would like to join.
  • If you are outside Hong Kong, find the City Anchors who may support you by:

  • Reaching out to other alumni of your respective program in the region;
  • Connecting you with anchors of other programs for an extended networking platform;
  • Passing on your suggestions on how to better develop the local alumni community.

    If you would like to reach them directly, please contact us at to get their email contacts.

    More Anchors wanted!!

    If you can help or nominate your classmates to join the anchors team, please email us at! Let’s join hands to build our alumni community!

    Class Anchors

    Year Name Degree
    2015 Ray GAO MSc(AC)
      Carrie LU MSc(AC)
      Daniel XIE MSc(GO)
      Adam ZHENG MSc(GO)
      Zhongyu REN MSc(IM)
      Yifan ZHANG MSc(IM)
      Matteo MARTINELLI MSc(IMT)
      Wini YUNG MSc(IMT)

    2014 Matthew AU BBA(ACCT)
      Agnes LI BBA(ACCT)
      Alex NG BBA(ACCT)
      Vicky SONG BBA(ACCT)
      Inez WONG BBA(ACCT)
      Christy HON BBA(ECON)
      Sophie GUO BBA(FINA)
      Thierry WONG BBA(FINA)
      Karen TO BBA(GBUS)
      Jessica CHAU BBA(MARK)
      Christy TONG BBA(MARK)
      Leo WONG BBA(MARK)
      Minju YANG BBA(MARK)
      Nathaniel YUEN BBA(MARK)
      Tintin CHUNG BBA(MGMT)
      Angela ZHENG BSc(ECOF)
      Vincent WONG BSc(QFIN)
      Ted WANG MSc(GO)
      Eric YANG MSc(GO)
      Michael DORNKASCH MSc(IMT)
      Roger WU MSc(IMT)

    2013 Kelvin KWAN BBA(ECON)
      Michael CHAN MBA PT
      Brian LAM MBA PT
      Sharon LEE MBA FT
      Stuart LU MBA FT
      John TSANG MBA PT

    2012 Jason LAI BBA(FINA)
      Vanessa NG BBA(GBUS)
      Michelle QIN BBA(GBUS)
      Kelvin LEUNG BBA(MARK)
      Rita LI BBA(MARK)
      Kaling LEE MBA PT
      Raymond LIN MBA FT
      Eason WONG MSc(IM)

    2011 Joey CHEUNG BBA(ECON)
      Annie YIM BBA(ECON)
      Cheney CHENG BBA(GBUS)
      Charles CHUNG BBA(IS)
      Douglas NAIRNE KH EMBA
      Eddy FONG MBA PT
      Chris POON MBA PT
      Tony ZENG MSc(ECON)

    2010 Vincent CHIU BBA(GBUS)
      Kenneth KAN BBA(GBUS)
      Johnson AU BBA(MARK)
      Ivy LUK BSc(ECOF)
      Mark PUI MSc(IM)

    2009 David WAN BBA(FINA)
      Emmy TANG BBA(IS)
      Jojo LEUNG BBA(MARK)
      Clara POON BBA(MARK)
      Felix LAI BSc(ECOF)
      Sindy LEUNG BSc(ECOF)

    2008 Wingyu NGAI BSc(ECOF)

    2007 Benny NG BBA(IS)
      Shirley LEE MBA PT
      Kevin ZHANG MSc(ECON)
      Kenneth MOK MSc(IM)

    2006 Dicky YUEN BBA(ECON)
      James KWOK BBA(MARK)
      Benno JAEGGI MBA FT

    2005 Kenneth CHEUNG BBA(FINA)
      Annie WONG BBA(FINA)
      Belina YIP MBA PT

    2004 Keith MAN BBA(ACCT)
      Eva SO BBA(MARK)
      Crystal CHAN MBA PT
      Percy SO MBA FT
      Kenny YIU MBA FT
      Alan CHEUNG MSc(ISM)

    2003 Jennifer LUK BBA(MARK)
      Andy LEUNG BBA(OM)
      Victor CHAN MBA/MSc(ISM) PT
      Ada LEE MBA PT
      Benny TONG MBA PT
      Joanna WONG MBA FT

    2002 Cynthia CHU BBA(FINA)

    2001 Gigi WONG BBA(ACCT)
      Stephen SUN BBA(IS)
      Regina WONG MBA FT

    2000 Jason SIN BBA(ACCT)
      Oscar SO MBA PT

    1999 Aramis WONG BBA(MARK)
      Andrew KO MBA PT

    1998 Alvin LAM BBA(FINA)
      Roger YU MBA FT

    1997 Ivan CHIU BBA(ACCT)-MA

    1996 Jacky LEUNG BBA(ACCT)-MA
      Charles HO MBA FT

    1995 Desmond SAM BBA(ISMT)-MO
      K S Chow MBA PT

    1994 Sean LIN BBA(MGMT)-MO
      Edmund HO MBA PT

    1993 Yorkie WONG MBA FT

    City Anchors

    Location Name Degree
    Chicago Ana LEE MBA PT

    Delhi Piyush JAIN MBA FT

    Dubai Olivier BERGER KH EMBA

    Geneva Angela CHOI MBA FT

    London Carrie NG BBA(GBUS)

    New York Aggie LAU BBA(GBUS)
      Noam ELHARAR BBA(OM)
      Winsy XU MBA FT

    Sao Paulo Dennis HYDE MBA FT

    Seoul Jungyoon KO MBA FT

    Shanghai Steve LAM BBA(FINA)
      Keith NG BBA(IS)
      Tomas KUCERA MBA
      Benjamin CHIAO MSc(ECON)
      Brenda LU MSc(GFIN)
      Steven ZHAO MSc(GO)

    Singapore Lina LAM BBA(ECON)
      Paramesh PRASAD KH EMBA
      Raphael YOUNG KH EMBA
      Johnson KOH MBA FT
      Kaling LEE MBA PT
      Duane GAFOOR MSc(GFIN)

    Sydney Strenia LAM BBA(ACCT)
      Thomas STAHL MBA FT

    Taipei Joseph LIN MBA FT

    Tokyo Taka OMAE MBA FT

    Toronto Emily LAU BBA(GBUS)

    Vietnam Giovanni ZANGANI MBA FT

    Zurich Thomas SCHAFFNER MBA FT