Wellness Series: Sleep Management & Resilience Building

Sleep Management-Dec2

Sleep is a common problem in a busy and stressful city like Hong Kong. Traditional Chinese medicine supported by treatments such as hypnotherapy, craniosacral therapy and holistic health coaching help patients sleep better. Join this lunchtime online workshop on Dec 2 (Wed) to hear experts’ sharing from different health and wellness disciplines on the key elements that impact sleep such as the circadian rhythm, the food, the hormones, the stress and our state, the flow of our Qi, the balance of yin and yang, and the functions of our organs. Through this workshop, you will be able to understand what affects sleep patterns, and learn practical take-home tips to improve the quality of sleep. 

Participants are eligible to enter the lucky draw to win THREE in-clinic treatments at Balance Health.


 (In alphabetical order by surname)


Clara Chan
Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (006694)
PhD, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine – acupuncture and Moxibustion, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong

Clara deeply believes that based on TCM theory, mind and body are well connected. Through using appropriate TCM intervention, the energy within the patients could be enhanced and in turn expedite their self-healing process. When the Yin and Yang of their mind and body is balanced, their health will be fully restored.


Catherine Hermant
Catherine is a kinesiologist, registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and has been practicing energy work for more than 10 years.

She helps people that have chronic issues, be it physical, emotional or mental to overcome their fears and their conditions so that they can get back to enjoying their life and fulfilling their purpose, releasing them from the burden of their previous struggles and pain.

Judy-Xu 2.jpg

Judy Xu (MBA alumna)
Judy is an intuitive guide to a life of purpose and bliss. In her practice Judy skillfully draws from her expertise as a Holistic Health Coach, Life Coach, Intuitive Coaching/Akashic Record, and Numerology reading. 

Judy’s unique ability to support her clients in their journey to balance, health and personal transformation is rooted in her own spiritual journey. On her journey to her Northern Light through authenticity, Judy has been able to manifest a life that she truly loves - and that looks very different from the life she led over a decade ago: she shifted from ego-serving to soul-serving; she evolved from unhealthy achiever to healthy achiever to powerful creator. 

Her life’s work is to facilitate the same for her clients: to look at health and life’s purpose from a holistic perspective; to understand the best way to be of service and the path to create it; to identify limiting beliefs, the destructive patterns that create anxiety and stress, and then to transform all the inhibitions to wisdom and blissfulness.

Over the years, Judy has been continually humbled by the incredible shift she has been able to co-create with her clients moving through the below:-

  • A career change
  • An inner calling for a deeper, more fulfilling life
  • A relationship challenge or roadblock
  • Anxiety, disturbed sleep, feeling of being “stuck” or uncertain
  • Other significant life events such as becoming a parent, back to work after maternity, or a move to a different city / circumstance / situation
  • Better stress management to achieve peak performance for senior executives
  • Unblocking hidden blocks to achieve exponential impact for extraordinary leaders/entrepreneurs
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