Alumni Webinar on Stress Management: Optimizing your Mind and Body


Stress has become an inevitable by-product of work in busy, modern life for many people. In particular, the recent pandemic has caused various challenges, creating even more stress in our lives. Good news is, there are still simple yet useful ways to ease the tension!

On 18 June, we were pleased to have two experienced coaches – mind and body trainer Cavan Chan (MBA alumnus) and actor-instructor Natasha Jain hosting the online workshop “Stress Management: Optimizing your Mind and Body” to share a series of mental and physical exercises that help to navigate our stress.

Throughout the session, Cavan and Natasha shared unique techniques to guide our participants to rethink the role stress plays in our daily life, along with some useful tips to manage it. They assisted us in recognizing our everyday stressors and guided our participants through a range of skills that could be implemented in their daily routine.

With rich experience in performing art, Natasha taught our participants various theatre techniques that are renowned for building emotional resilience. On the other hand, as a passionate ICF-ACC certified coach and NASM certified trainer, Cavan showed various ways to utilise food, sleep and external environment to maximise one’s wellbeing.

The 75 minutes workshop ended on a high note where participants felt more refreshed and energised.
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